Studio Momentum is an innovative architecture firm focused on incorporating sustainable design, cutting edge technologies and collaborative processes to achieve our goal: Great Architecture!

Through the use of the latest technology for architectural modeling, we can bring the client into the “virtual space” of their project. Building Information Modeling or “BIM” is the future of architectural design. The creation of a digital model can reveal and resolve problems prior to construction. Highly accurate photo real renderings allow the client to visualize the final product in exacting detail. This allows them to give appropriate feedback and become a larger part of the design process.

Architecture is not born in a vacuum. Studio Momentum believes in a collaborative process requiring communication between the client, builder, designer and community to produce meaningful work. We approach each project with open minds, technical skill and experience, and believe that together a true work of art can be realized.

Great Architecture is the goal. Collaboration, sustainability and modern technology are the way.



Travis G. Young, AIA, Texas Architectural License #15393
Travis began his architectural education at Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Design in 1990. He worked while in Scottsdale Arizona with Vernon Swaback Associates. In 1994 he completed his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas in Austin. While at UT he was honored with the American Institute of Architects’ Medal for Professional Promise by being the highest ranked graduate student. He also received a Teaching Assistant of the Year award.

Travis founded Studio Momentum Architects, PC in 1999. His work has been featured twice on the American Institute of Architects’ annual Homes Tour, and he is a member of the local chapter’s Committee on the Environment.


Sustainable or “green” building is not a catchphrase for environmentalism. More appropriately, It is sound building practice based on the latest science. Sustainable design not only addresses the bottom line, but lifecycle and maintenance costs, energy efficiency, community amenities, and reusable materials. It considers regional climate, solar orientation, and the long-term impact of development. Construction and development have a tremendous impact on our cities and landscapes. Through proper analysis we can minimize the negative aspects of this impact.

Studio Momentum is dedicated to the pursuit of inventive, sustainable design solutions that are sensitive to their environment and context. Whether it is the adaptive reuse of an historic warehouse, or a custom home in the hill country, we strive to create personal spaces that evoke a sense of place.

Studio Momentum has participated in Austin Energy’s Green Building Program since 2001.


Building Information Modeling is the wave of the future in Architectural design. The most exciting part of the architectural process is the initial design phase. BIM extends this process through all phases. Plans are generated from the model, and design changes are instantly and completely revised. This linking not only facilitates the production of documents, it also minimized discrepancy between the design visualization and the final realization, thus reducing Client risk and anxiety.

Utilizing BIM software, a “virtual building” is created. Clients are allowed to walk through the design and receive accurate feedback about day lighting, materials, and site context. This allows the Client to be intimately involved in the design process. Visualization is no longer an issue, and changes can be made and evaluated instantly on the computer screen.

BIM facilitates the economic use of materials, and helps to resolve conflicts between structural, mechanical and architectural elements prior to construction.

Mr. Young was asked to present his experiences in utilizing BIM for the local AIA Chapter and the Central Texas Chapter of the Construction Industries Commission at a conference held in Austin, in 2006.